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The Florida Cattle Identification Rule is intended to improve the state’s ability to trace diseased animals, prevent disease spread in an animal disease emergency, and protect the marketability of Florida cattle. 

The rule requires cattle 18 months of age or older moving within the state to be tagged with official individual identification. Cattle moving to approved tagging sites for tagging, directly to slaughter, and between pastures under normal ranching operations, without changing ownership, are exempted under the rule.

Cattle owners can apply official identification tags themselves or have their cattle tagged at an approved tagging site. A variety of official identification tags can be purchased through an animal health product supplier. U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) National Uniform Eartagging System tags can be obtained, at no charge, through the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

Obtaining Official Identification Tags

Official tags are available from private manufacturers as well as from USDA. Private manufacturers offer several different types of official tags, including metal tags, plastic panel tags and radio frequency identification device (RFID) tags. The USDA is making metal tags, known as Store natalie Kelli Prop Movie Collectables - Dickinson License Drivers Fosters Ultimate, available to producers at no charge; these tags are distributed by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS). 

Producers who are interested in purchasing tags should contact their animal health product supplier. A listing of manufacturers of official identification devices can be viewed on the UDSA website at:

For specific information on the types of tags, visit:

Producers interested in receiving official NUES tags must provide a Premises Identification Number (PIN). The tags will be assigned to specific premises for use on animals originating on that premises. Apply for a PIN by filling out an Application for Premises Registration [ ], or contact our office at (850) 410-0900. Producers who do not know their PIN can contact our office and we will look up the number. For questions about premises registration, please see our Frequently Asked Questions.  

South drivers Sale Citizenship License Id Carolina Producers may contact their local FDACS Division of Animal Industry District Office to request NUES tags. The tags must be picked up at the district office or another location within the district. District staff will provide a tag request form for the producer to fill out and sign indicating that they agree to use the tags on their cattle only. Tag applicator pliers may be loaned from these offices, pending availability. Pliers can be purchased from animal health supply companies. These tags are manufactured by Hasco (1-800-860-6300) and the specific applicators to fit them are Hasco Style #7S and Hasco Style #49/56SA.

NUES tag distribution will be direct from USDA for orders of more than 1,000 tags.

Approved Cattle Tagging Sites and Division of Animal Industry District Offices

Use the map below to find approved cattle tagging sites and Division of Animal Industry District Offices in Florida or see a list of approved cattle tagging sites [ 316.12 KB ].

South drivers Sale Citizenship License Id Carolina
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